Nominate the Top 50 in Digital Health from 2017

This is your chance to nominate deserving individuals and organizations working at the forefront of digital health. Nominations will be accepted from October 2 to 27, 2017 and everyone is invited to nominate people and companies for award consideration.

The Top 50 Committee, which is composed of journalists, authors, digital health visionaries, and the event co-hosts, will select the top nominations per award category based on the quantity and quality of submissions received.

Please include the name of the individual or organization, as well as a brief description and explanation for your nomination.

What angel investor has been playing a vital role in supporting early-stage digital health companies, and which specific deal(s) he or she has done in 2017?
What founder is creating new markets, and how is he or she unfolding new categories of customers through breakthrough innovation?
Name a company that has rapidly scaled in a short period of time and how it has shown impressive growth in many areas of its business.
Tackling complex problems in healthcare requires not only the brightest minds, but diverse ones too. What organization has shown the biggest commitment to diversity and how?
Recognize this digital health invention and describe the impact it will make towards society as a whole.
This reporter is the go-to expert covering our coveted industry. Give us examples of his or her groundbreaking work.
Tell us how this healthcare professional has gone above and beyond to support, promote, and adopt the latest technology.
This company sets the bar for creating a happy, healthy, and productive work environment. Give us some particular examples about the workplace.
Name the product and how it has pushed the boundaries of creativity, functionality, and usability in healthcare. Note: the product must have launched in the past year.
Launched in 2017, why is this startup the most exciting new kid on the block?
Which digital health pundit has become the voice of digital health, and how has he or she contributed ideas and thought leadership in 2017?
Recognize a government leader who has contributed greatly to digital health, and tell us how he or she is making an impact.
How has this non-profit been a leader in promoting and championing innovation to improve the quality of healthcare for all?